Welcome to Plover Mills Farm


Plover Mills Farms – owned by London Telecom founder Rob Freeman – is located approximately 15 minutes northeast of London, Ontario al0ng the banks of the beautiful  meandering Thames River.

Director of Operations Mary Lou Pettie, has been with Plover Mills Farms 15 years and oversees the farm operations.

Barn Manager Brian Dezan has been with Plover Mills Farms for 16 years and is responsible the daily care of the horses and management of the property.


ralley on lawnPlover Mills Farms is an all inclusive  horse boarding facility located minutes from London Ontario.   We believe that each horse has a unique personality and individual needs so we strive to meet those needs in our daily care of your equine friend.  We take pride in the beauty of the property overlooking the Thames River and encourage boarders and their friends and family to enjoy a relaxing time at our facility.  Other events at Plover Mills Farm include BBQ’s, Holiday Pot Lucks, Equine related Seminars and Clinics as well as having TV and Movie productions filmed on the property.  Please check our other pages for more details and pictures.


Rob has had a passion for hot air ballooning for decades and both of his sons Mark and Zan grew up having no fear of being up in the air.  I guess you could say they are a family that likes to get “high” in a good way.  Zan has followed in his father’s footsteps and now operates his own business, Cloud Chasers Balloon Rides (www.cloudchasers.ca) and his son Mark is an avid parachutist.  As you can see from these pictures , the horses here at Plover Mills Farm have no fear of the balloons and are so relaxed that they just continue to graze.  They often watch with interest when a balloon launches or lands across the river.

conterra     ring     grazing with ballon above